There are an estimated 27,000,000 slaves in the world today. 200,000 of those are right here in America. That is more than all the workers of Nike, Google, Apple, McDonalds, and Starbucks combined.

Most people will pay more money for a pair of Nike shoes, and Apple product, or a Starbucks Verismo machine than the average price of a slave. There is a price that has been put on human life, and it averages $90 per person. Life has become less valuable than a lot of consumer products.

Many people put a red "x" on their hand in honor of the 27,000,000 men, women, and children who are enslaved.

Many people put a red “x” on their hand in honor of the 27,000,000 men, women, and children who are enslaved.

Today is the day that many people around the world come together to shine a light on modern day slavery. Slavery is no longer what it was once commonly thought of. Its victims are no longer primarily African Americans, but young girls and boys that could easily be your friend, son or daughter, and neighbor. To someone they are. Slavery is not the open topic of discussion that it once was.

Slavery today is much, much worse, and far too unknown.

It takes the form of human trafficking, defined by the UN as the illegal trade of human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor. It is heartbreaking enough that this even happens in the world, but the primary targets are those who should have the most freedom and protection; young women and children.

Children are a primary target because they are so vulnerable. In many third world countries or other areas of extreme poverty many are offered a job and expect to work away from home for a short while to earn money. Instead they are often sent to be trafficked. Frequently the traffickers are people the victims trust, and victims travel away with the false promise of income, travel opportunities, love or marriage, or are lied to by a family friend.

In order to bring trafficking to end the first step is make it known. Even in America a lot of those who look like prostitutes by choice are actually victims of trafficking. It happens all around in nearly every community, which means there are things you can do from right where you are.

images borrowed from enditmovement.com slavery by the numbers

images borrowed from enditmovement.com
slavery by the numbers

Awareness is step one. Talk about it. Let others know that trafficking exists so something can be done to stop it.

Awareness is important, but awareness without action can be more dangerous than good, and forces traffickers to find more secretive methods. There are many non-profit organizations committed to stopping human trafficking. Many of these organizations need donations to continue helping victims. The majority of these non-profit organizations will take donations online, and any amount, no matter how small adds up to make a difference.

Thirdly, you can pray. Ultimately all things end up in the Lord’s hands which means pray, pray, pray! In God’s timing justice will come for the oppressed.



Other things you can do to make a difference are to host fundraising events, go on different trips through organizations, or even start awareness groups in your schools and communities. It can be difficult to start involvement in this area of oppression, but it can be done! A couple organizations you can check out are as follows.

At Rapha House, in addition to donating to the safe houses you can sponsor children in at-risk areas to ensure that they are provided with food and education to avoid being trafficked. Visit their website for more information on how you can make an impact at Rapha. http://www.raphahouse.org/take-action#trips

Polaris Project is a human trafficking hotline that partners with End It Movement. http://www.polarisproject.org/  http://enditmovement.com/

A couple safe houses in America you can donate to are Samaritan Women in Maryland, and Isaiah’s House. http://www.forthesakeofone.org/Isaiah-House-Efforts.html


Feel free to contact me with any questions on how you can be more involved!


One thought on “27,000,000

  1. I completely agree that awareness is key to starting a movement! Such as the Kony 2012 video that spiked last year, but what are some other ways the word can spread? The larger the audience the better here. Also, usually the highlight of my year is usually doing different mission trips over the summer, so maybe mention some of the organizations, and the links to their websites, that are acting on this for people to read more and even sign up to help the cause!

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